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As a nationally recognized expert witness in audiology, Dr. Colucci brings unparalleled authority and experience to complex legal cases. His deep understanding of hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis, balance disorders, auditory processing disorders, and related conditions, backed by decades of clinical practice and current research, makes him a trusted advisor to courts, attorneys, and triers of fact
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Dennis A. Colucci


Clinical, Forensic, Military, and Industrial Audiology

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Dr. Colucci is a board-certified audiologist, published author, and speaker at state and national professional conferences. He has served as an expert witness in numerous federal and state litigation cases involving Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, government agencies, schools, the US DOJ, the 3M largest mass tort case in US history, and more, providing clear and objective testimony on a wide range of auditory and balance-related issues.

Dr. Colucci is a leading audiology expert and sought-after expert witness, bringing an unwavering commitment to truth and science in every case. His clear, objective, and unbiased testimony has shaped countless legal decisions, impacting lives across the country. Dr. Colucci's dedication extends beyond legal boundaries.