Military Disability Examiner

After years of seeing veterans for hearing services and in recent years becoming a Medical Disability Specialist for the Veterans Administration, I have special knowledge on how service members acquire auditory disabilities and the proper treatments.

This website was designed to help people from day one reduce the effects and time tinnitus and hyperacusis seem out of control. The goal is to reduce tinnitus awareness, reduce sound sensitivity, reduce and control pain from certain sounds, and science-based hearing care. Veterans have special experiences with noise at every level of the military. Some have a higher probability to acquire auditory conditions than others.


Noises of War

"Noises of War" was recently published in the Hearing Journal in a special section called Hearing Matters. The information in this section is geared toward training and updating Audiologists in the latest best practices, technology, patient care, and rehabilitation.

Noises of War article