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Amplified Misophonia - Hearing Injury - Colucci

A Case of Amplified Misophonia?

By Dennis A. Colucci, AuD, MA



Patients who have long-standing hearing loss with or without tinnitus, recruitment, or mildly reduced uncomfortable loudness levels (UCLs) may have difficulty adjusting to new amplification.


In such situations, the normal course of action is to provide a therapeutic regimen that gradually develops gain and output expansion to include the use of compression and noise reduction, while supporting adaptation and neuroplasticity with sound therapy and directive counseling. However, when the patient cannot adapt and a severe reaction to suprathreshold sound or sound types ensues, a sound sensitivity disorder such as misophonia or hyperacusis should be considered.


Although sound sensitivity disorders frequently appear in combination, misophonia is unique. In people with the condition, certain types of sounds trigger an emotional response, even if hearing sensitivity and UCLs are within normal limits.

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