Bogus Claims of Tinnitus Relief – Be Careful!

As an author on Forbes and internationally, I am astonished by the ads that keep popping up on new breakthroughs and instant cures for tinnitus, even on I saw 10 remedies that pray on patient’s feelings but have no hope of helping. Google is destroying facts on the internet with these pop-ups and no one has control, but you. It is not that I object to groundbreaking news on tinnitus, I just object to people making claims that have no basis in science or even make homeopathic sense. These just confuse the real issues and misdirect patients. Making money on tinnitus is easy because people are looking for help and will do anything to stop the ringing.

Don’t be overwhelmed and take any of these charlatans seriously, be suspicious. If you are a good investigator see the American Tinnitus Association or the American Academy of Audiology. For doctor types research If what these charlatans have is so good, it would be sold everywhere and it is not. This is because tinnitus is a normal process for humans and takes time and patients to resolve. My TREX products are designed to help that process by helping to re-balance mind and body.