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T-Coil Activation - Hearing Injury- Colucci

T-Coil Activation Protocol


Do I have a T-Coil?

T-Coil Activation Many hearing aids that fit behind or in the ear may include a T-Coil.  To determine if your hearing aid has a T-Coil, consult your hearing aid provider.  If your hearing aids do not have a built in T-Coil, but have Bluetooth capabilities, a Streamer can be used to interact with a room Loop.  Streamers are available from all major hearing aid manufacturers.  They are paired in the same way as other Bluetooth devices and can be used for more than T-Coil operations.


How Do I Get My T-Coil Activated?


T-Coil ActivationT-Coil ActivationYour hearing aid provider can turn on a separate program that can be used exclusively for T-Coil and Loop operation.  Do not attempt to use the Loop with an Automatic T-Coil setting as this will not work. The T-Coil for a room Loop must be accessed by using the hearing aid memory button that has its own program.


How Should My Hearing Aid T-Coil Program Be Set?


T- Coil Activation - ColucciT-Coil Activation - ColucciPrescriptions for T-Coils are significantly different than those for general hearing aid listening. Since the sensitivity of the T-Coil and issues related to individual hearing loss, this program can be set to the manufacturers’ default and then modified using a special procedure to ensure clarity without excessive internal noise or “buzz”.  If the T-Coil fails to provide clarity, your hearing aid provider can use a neck loop connected to a computer and set the program using real ear probe testing. The outcome of programming should be clarity in the absence of extraneous noise.

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